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A new motto for the GOP: Morality counts

Posted by Mike O on August 29, 2007

The latest scandal (the Larry Craig ‘footsey in the stalls’ fiasco) is just the latest of a whole ranges of ‘personal problems’ left over from their days of glory as the Majority Party.  While it took the Democrats 40 years to become perennially loose with both tax money and their own morals, the GOP accomplished that in just 10.  Of course, the New Majority Dems seem to have best that record by accomplishing immorality, drunken sailor spending habits, and abysmal ratings in the poll in less than a year.  What happens next; the GOP regains the majority and suffers a mass arrest in some brothel, dressed in togas, two weeks after taking office?

My suggestion would be that it is time for a level of moral policing to occur by the GOP itself.  If the Larry Craig’s and David Vitter’s of the world insist on not stepping down, the national party should publicly recruit and support a viable replacement to these immoral yahoos in their primaries.  They should strip them of any committee assignments and make it clear they won’t be getting them back.  None of this comes would cost the party much while they are in the minority and, if they don’t do something like this, they are likely to stay in the minority.

 Of course, considering the current minority party, the GOP might fumble its way back into the majority via the ‘lesser of two incompetents’ rule. 

If the Democrats in Congress are the answer, would someone kindly rephrase the question?


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