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The Islamofascist Collaborators have their Anti-Surge efforts in full Swing

Posted by Mike O on August 31, 2007

Terrified by what General Petraeus will have to say- based on the obvious and substantial progress that has been made in Iraq lately- the anti-victory MSM is running on all cylinders with raw propaganda.  First, they attempt to smear the report itself as being ‘written by the White House’; which is required by the law the Democrat Congress passed!  Then, when it’s obvious that the General will be testifying publicly  (and even this White House is not stupid enough to deliver a report he’ll disagree with), the press starts working on reporting proclamations from Democrat-derived or supporting groups.  First, the GAO report; a historically partisan ‘non-partisan’ office that took the ‘bean-counter’ approach to judging the war.  Not one factor it reviewed actually had a thing to do with defeating an enemy in the field.

Then, NewYork Times on a Democratically-appointed commission reviewing Iraqi Police, lead by a former military commander of Europe???  The went to Iraq three times and “met with senior American commanders and Iraqi officials”; in other words, never went out into the field to see for themselves.  Based on that, they recommended scraping the current organization, even though they admit that would be extremely risky.  The weight the NYT gives this fluff effort is unbelievable!

Then the Washington Post writes such ‘unbiased’ articles as this on how Congresspeople who are clearly working for our failure in Ira feel ‘slimed’, horrified that soldiers might actually have copies of these congressional ‘leaders’ own words in their posession to help them know who they are dealing with.  News flash: If you don’t want people to have to carry ‘friend or foe’ indicators around, stop acting like a foe!

The war literally is with the Democrats and the MSM at this point.  Our exceptional military has it won on the battlefield against the enemy; now all that needs to be done is to force the collaborators to retreat under their respective rocks.


4 Responses to “The Islamofascist Collaborators have their Anti-Surge efforts in full Swing”

  1. Darkwater said

    What’s to be made of the fact that Porter’s bio was lifted straight from his webpage, while Tauscher’s and Moran’s were “creatively” edited? The selection of the talking points included on the bios is worth examining. The Post correctly notes that Tauscher’s “latest Iraq vote” wasn’t May’s vote in favor of starting troop withdrawl within 4 months; indeed, Congress has voted on a number of Iraq-related topics since then, including what’s most likely the actual “latest Iraq vote”: Tauscher’s own August bill mandating that state-side “recover, reequip, retrain” time be at least equal to deployment time.

    This whole thing wouldn’t have occurred had CENTCOM or whoever in the Green Zone simply published the official biographies of each congressman, or taken those biographies and reformatted them to match the format of official DoD biographies.

  2. mopenshaw said

    Of course, if Tauscher and Moran had Really been interested in finding out what was going on, they’d have left the Green Zone. Say flown out to the Anbar Province? But then, they possibly could have been presented with facts on the ground there that would be hard to ignore. Things ARE getting better and they simply don’t want to see that. Instead, they concentrate on a supposed personal affront- one that contained their own words. Official biograpgies do NOT display the direction one is coming from.

    If Tauscher wants to run logistics, he can sign up for service; I leave such things to the professionals, myself. Micro-management of a war (we ARE in one, you realize, don’t you?) is disasterous when done from Congress.

  3. Darkwater said

    Of course, everything said about Moran and Tauscher (who’s a she, by the way) applies to Porter. If we’re complaining about Democrats who don’t leave the Green Zone/Baghdad, it’s only fair to complain about the Republicans who accompany them.

    “Official biograpgies [sic] do NOT display the direction one is coming from.”

    My point exactly. The official biographies weren’t the ones distributed.

  4. mopenshaw said

    True. Tell you what; let’s restrict all voting on whether Patreaus gets to continue to run the show and all future decisions out of congress on Iraq to only those who have been ‘outside the wire’ (Congresspeople or not). After all, those are the ones who should really know what’s going on and whether it’s all worth it.

    Heck, I would just like to see an anonymous poll at a large unit level of returning troops on that issue. Straight out of the sand, a secret ballot: ‘Is this worth doing? Do you approve of the job Petraeus is doing? The job the President is doing? The job Congress ids doing?’ The one with the highest vote gets to manage the war on a day-to-day basis, the lowest has to shut their yap about it.

    Are you game for that? 🙂

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