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A Hairless Head for Fred!

Posted by Mike O on September 7, 2007

So Fred Thompson is in and I am officially ‘A Hairless Head for Fred’. Unmedicated, unrugged and unplugged; may the brilliance naturally shine through!

Why Fred over the other Republicans?  Simple; he’s not only the closest thing to a true conservative in the top tier, but it’s likely he has the best shot to slay the Hillary beast.

·     McCain: DOA due to advocacy of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (amnesty); Thompson is out-polling McCain in Arizona, fer Gawd’s sake!

·     Giuliani: Hillary back-allay knife fighters will set off a powerful ‘Wronged Woman vs. Cheating Man’ campaign among the Oprah legions that will suck the life out of real issues and guarantee Giuliani’s loss

·     Romney: I like the guy but he has been all over the map on issues in the last 15 years; no consistency.  Also, Hillary’s knife fighter will employ a ‘Mormons are weird’ whisper campaign that will be enough to cost him the race.

·     Second Tier candidates:  I love most of them (except nutcase Ron Paul, of course).  Just not enough weight to carry the day.

Besides, an man whose ex wife and ex-girlfriends will campaign for and who gets political contributions from the husband of the ex-wife is definitely a ‘man’s man’.  How about having all of his Fred’s exes show up on Oprah with Hillary to discuss ‘relationships’; what fun! They could give Hill a gift of a blue dress.  The Hillery knife fighters will only be able to spread various seedy, and easily debunked rumors about Fred; they won’t be happy.

Thompson speaks well; not in an exciting manner, but calm and at the right level of detail for real stump speeches.  While his work for the McCain-Feingold bill is somewhat problematical, it truly is not an issue for most voters (just donors).  He has varied his views a bit over the last couple decades a bit, but certainly not as much as Romney.  He is on the right side of the War on Terror (and its importance) as well as border security.

He is not the next Ronald Reagan, but is closer than anything that has a chance to be elected this time around.  If we weren’t in the middle of a war and our enemies so close to obtaining nuclear weaponry they will use on this country, I’d say let Hillary have this one, so we can get back the legislative branch.  But that will do no good if the Queen Witch takes office and ends up overseeing the cleanup of a large glowing hole in New York.  We cannot have a Commander in Chief that does not realize how critical this war is and how unyielding the enemy remains.



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