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The ’08 election may determine whether it’s time to consider Partition

Posted by Mike O on September 10, 2007

Not of Iraq; partitioning based on Sunni, Shia and Kurdish regions is going to happen to some degree and- shocking as it is some people, it is a natural process of humanity.  Do we not have such ‘partitioning to some degree’ in this country based on race?  The tendency to associate with people of  similar perceived interests is actually pretty normal.  The goal is to ensure that it is- for the most part- a voluntary and non-violent process if it occurs.  Iraq still has a ways to go in that aspect, but- bottom line- only Iraqis themselves will make those decisions; we won’t.

No, the patitions the may need to be considered is in this country.  The partitioning between our incredibly brave and effective warfighters- along with those that support them- and those that never will support them and seem to detest their very existence.  While not true in every case, these anti-military types have congregated on both coasts and in the Democrat Party.

I propose, should these anti-military types take full control of the government in 2008, that the warfighters resign en masse and emigrate to a location that has a higher level of support for them.  My recommendation would be to Texas, where there is not only a significantly higher proportion of supporters, but the state has both historical and legal frameworks for a full ‘partitioning’ if it is needed.  If a full partitioning were in order, by what mechanism would the anti-militaries protest?  The U.N.?  Yah, riiight.  Severing trade? Texas has oil, refineries, agriculture, manufacturing- including defense materials; good luck.  A military solution?  With what; the Kos Kids?  What fun that would be.

Oh, there would be a minor amount of need to encourage others to partition out of Texas; Austin, for example.  But that could be easily accomplished by giving full scholarships to UT Austin to any and all warfighters, with the single condition that they wear full ‘battle rattle’ to class.  Having a hundred or so new students in class with M16s who might disagree with extreme leftwing ideology would likely encourage all the partitioning needed there.  You certainly would preclude any Virginia Tech type incidents.

After we get the fence built- on ALL borders of Texas- the rest of the country could go on its merry way, not perturbed that wars can’t be run with a TV remote and treating the jihadists as a law enforcement issue.  And after NewYork and D.C. have large glowing craters and they finally realize that your can’t negotiate with barbarians, possibly they’ll realize they might be mistaken.  Then Texas can roll out it new and largest commercial enterprise; ass-kicking peacemaking- by warfighters’ rules- to contract.


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