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Fred Thompson doesn’t act like a candidate; and this is bad…why?

Posted by Mike O on October 11, 2007

I’ve tried to put a finger on the disappointment of many in Fred’s campaigning to date.  The complaints about his ‘late start’, his ‘laziness’, the briefness of his answers, not being up-to-date on the minutia important to local issues, his seeming lack of ‘fire in the belly’.  Bottom line seems to be this; he’s doesn’t act like a modern candidate.
And this is bad…how?  Isn’t there universal disgust with the politics of today?  Let’s address them one at a time.
A late start?  By who’s definition?  Up to the last couple of elections, Labor Day was the traditional time of candidate’s announcing.  The ridiculously early start this cycle is the aberration, not Fred.  And how did it hurt him?  Missing several debates no one will remember next year that the election actually starts?  Anyone think he won’t have enough sound bites for his commercials without them?  Would his position in the polls be any better if he had spent the millions others had (except possibly in Iowa, which is ridiculously overblown)?  Would the voters be as weary of hearing him as they are of the others?  Who’s really the smart one here?
The briefness of his answers as a problem?  Brevity does not mean lack of content.  Am I the only one sick of candidates talking for 10 minutes to say ‘maybe’, as opposed to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with a one sentence explanation?  We don’t need a long-winded pundit in the White House; we need someone of calm action and resolve.  Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to a 15 minute State of the Union that actually says something and most people would have the attention span to follow? 
Not up-to-date on local minutia?  Folks, it’s local.  It shows Fred is a true believer in federalism, where local issues remain local; that is where they should be.  He believes that the Terry Shiavo case should have been a local matter and he is absolutely right on that.  Federal intervention in such things is frightening in its implications.
‘Fire in the belly’, laziness’, etc.  It all comes down to a perception of ‘boring’, possibly?  How about the word ‘calm’?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ‘calm’ presidency for a change?  One not mired in contentious dialog, actions driven by this so-called ‘fire in the belly’ whose foundation is normally self-righteousness?   
Fred is the anti-candidate and it’s about time we had one.


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