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The difference between Articulation and Wisdom

Posted by Mike O on November 1, 2007

An old high school classmate of mine Freddie Kaplan writes frequently for slate.com under a series called ‘War Stories’.  This has always amused me, as Freddie has never served in the military and, apparently, never been near an active war zone.  Freddie (who hates that version of his name and desperately tries to ignore his early upbringing on the plains of Kansas) is a fairly typical example of a Northeastern literary elitist.  His expertise comes primarily from his extensive skills at academic-style research, interview and articulation.  However, how often does this actually translate into useful precognitive capabilities, as opposed to after-the-fact analysis and conjecture?  About the same as 35 years ago in high school, when he predicted Patton would win no Oscars.

While he seems to avoid making many predictions (with his history for making them, it’s no wonder), he’s slipped a little of late.  I think it is primarily a result of the esteemed writer sinking too far into the Bush Derangement Syndrome that has disabled rationality in many of his more extreme colleagues and associates long ago.  Here are examples of his earlier writings on the ‘Surge’ in Iraq:

The Urge to Surge; The latest bad idea for Iraq.

Interesting, But Doomed; Why Petraeus’ intriguing new Iraq strategy will probably fail

Mission Impossible; Bush’s smart new general can’t save Iraq.

(Freddie completely negleted the availability, use, and effectiveness of Iraqi troops in the link above.  Talk about missing one elephant in the room!)

This is actually pretty illustrative of a liberal perspective in general and getting blinded by political hatred in particular.  Doesn’t their inability to ever be right about the future ever get around to bothering such people?   Haven’t they figured out that the reason that they prove incable of getting elected or- if elected- governing effectively, that the many premises upon which liberal elitism and undiluted anti-Bushism is based on are incorrect?

None of us are perfect at precognitive efforts, but some of us are more willing to recognize and ‘fess up about it than people like Freddie ever will be.  I think it’s a function of ‘being comfortable in one’s skin’ and maintaining something of a sense of humore about oneself.  Always remember: if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself from time to time, the world will more than make up for your lack of participation.  


8 Responses to “The difference between Articulation and Wisdom”

  1. opit said

    What are you talking about?

  2. mopenshaw said

    That the Surge has WORKED and Freddie was wrong again (and don’t force me into a link blizzard and by saying the surge hasn’t worked).

  3. opit said

    Knock yourself out. Are you up to speed on ‘psyops’, media control and disinformation ?
    Try listening to the kids coming back. It sounds more than a tad different.

  4. opit said

    BTW : Ever hear of the “National Intelligence Estimate” presented to President Bush by an aggregate of 16 American intelligence agencies before the surge ?

  5. Terry Gain said


    A fellow named mike o linked to you at Gateway Pundit. I love your posts . You clearly know what you are talking about. Progress is now undeniable. Iraqis have decided they’ve had it with the extremists.The CLCs are taking control of their neighborhoods.

    Al Qaeda has about given up. MSMers and Dems will fight on for another couple of months. Leftards will never admit defeat.

    I see one opit is engaged in psyops. The Bush administration controls the media? Funniest line in years.

  6. mopenshaw said

    Oh, my; as if I haven’t been ‘listening to the kids’ coming back; have been since 2002. Let’s try a few links that I’m sure you avoid studiously:

    Launch pad sites:
    Soldiers in or just back ‘from the sand’:
    Independent embeds

    They and scores of others source I can quote (including face-to-face with ‘kids coming back’) say the same thing: The surge is working, violence is dropping like a rock (but has a ways to go and a few areas are still ugly), AQI is pretty much beaten (having lost popular support everyewhere) and the Shia militias are fragmenting and losing popular support.

    I know the handful of sources you are likely to quote; they are clearly the tiny minority from my extensive study of the area. My opinion is not based on the Bush’s Administration, but those that have actually been there.

  7. opit said

    Thank you. I have reading to do. ( I tend to that, as you cound tell if you had taken a look. ) I could run some myself , but for the sake of manageable response, have a look at
    and http://existentialistcowboy.blogspot.com/
    I doubt those were on your ‘list’.
    Violence is ‘dropping like a rock.’ Of course, the reasons why might have something to do with Iraq domestic politics too!
    I do not – unfortunately – discount b.s. in reporting about Iraq. “Baghdad Burning” for one told a different tale that was more credible than press releases.

  8. mopenshaw said

    Many thanks for the links; I’ll be perusing them for their experience ‘in the sand’ (a quick look hasn’t found it yet in the first two, but I’m sure I will). Bagdhad Burning I am familiar with and see from time to time; definitely a different perspective. If I remember right, she is a Communist, which certainly does not alter her on the ground expertise, just colors it in a different light. She definity has a valuable human rights perspective and I generally enjoy reading it; you remind me it’s been awhile and I will correct that.

    Hopefully, you do not take offense to my presense on your side of the aisle. I think you’d have to admit, I’ve stayed pretty civil despite provocation.

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