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My venture into the realm of the REALLY Loony Left

Posted by Mike O on November 5, 2007

This weekend, I checked on a blog associated with a commenter on this blog and found what appeared to be a fairly typical series of hard left postings on various issues, but the one celebrating Kucinich’s bill to impeach Cheney (they keep updating the date to keep in moving; just search for ‘KUCINICH IS DOING IT’) caught my eye enough that I thought I’d post a fairly innocuous comment below:

“Not a chance, folks; sorry. It won’t get off the ground because of the upcoming election. As soon as the first round of the primaries are done and the Kuciniches and other marginals are eliminated by the HillBill machine, the Dem leadership will deepsix the word ‘impeach’ through November. Doing otherwise likely would put the GOP nominee in the White House.

You all really don’t understand how this all works, do you? All kowtowing to the Left ends after the nomination is assured; no one wants another McGovern ‘Death March’.”

(UPDATE:   Told Ya! )

The immediate response?  Clearly implied threats, not just against me, but against a charitable organization that supports orphans in Uganda, a group whose link I removed for a time from this site for their protection.  Since they were directly threatening the kids I care so deeply for, I promised not to ever post on their site again. Not one of my posts entailed name calling, profanity or any other acts that could have been considered insulting to any rational person.

What I did NOT do is promise to refrain from writing on my own site; so, if any of those individuals that prefer to threaten kids over logically arguing issues would be interested in a merit-based discussion of the issues, or even if they want to take on me personally- as opposed to my family and the kids I try to help- you’re welcome to do so here.  Personally, I find your actions of this weekend disgusting and beneath contempt.

Let’s get into a listing of their abuses, including those that they have conveniently scrubbed from their site (but I have the cached pages for as reference, including their now scrubbed ‘about’ pages) and address them with facts:

“We know who you are”

“I only have his IPA and URL via his ISP. I only warned him. If you want more, I can provide it in a direct manner outside this forum. I would rather let a slap on the hand be the extent of this matter.”

That really answered the question of the political viability of the Cheney Impeachment bill, didn’t it?  Guys, your blog is not members only; you expect no disagreement??  This is what you call ‘open and honest’ debate?

This rapidly descended into a delusional hate-filled bigotry on their part.  Not on mine; I never threaten, never name call beyond liberal or leftist, and never use profanity.  Any one of these approaches only shows small-mindedness.  Some of it included

Fundamental name-calling; ‘sh**kicker’,  ‘NRA Fascist’ were two of the milder ones.

Outlandish presumptions of evil intent:  my charity work in Africa is ‘to feel like a God’, to abuse the children, and/or some evil profit scheme (must be pretty bad at the profit scheming; I’m down nearly $8,000 for the year on this stuff). 

The implication of intent or actual abusing of the girls was particularly disgusting.  Sorry to disappoint you; I’m a much-married man, I’ve reached that ‘comfortable’ age where the material between the ears has full control of everything below the waist, and the cultural climate over there among the kids- due to extensive AIDS awareness programs, is doing more for abstinence there than you’ll ever find in America (thankfully).  I am extremely protective of the girls over there, because their system suffers a level of male chauvinism that would grind most American feminists into the dust.  Again, an understanding that puts me way outside the ‘evil, narrow-minded bigot’ that many extreme leftists (like those at this site) insist on trying to stuff conservatives into… using their own narrow-minded bigotry.

Downright ignorance of laws (carrying a handgun on commercial flight??) and cultures (I’m supposed to change the traditional Ugandan expression of thanks from the younger to the older person) , with downright bigotry thrown in, implying that- since my wife is Chinese- she must be subservient.  Anyone who knows Catherine would get a real laugh out of that; I lucked out in getting a tolerant wife, who is at the same time tough and smart enough to deal with me on an equal footing.  Graduates of National Taiwan University scare away most Chinese men; too tough and independent. 

They are also convincing themselves that I’ve never been to Africa and it’s all fake.  I guess this picture


was staged by the same people who the Truthers (which some of these people are) believe really brought down  the Twin Towers.  Being the Charity’s web site Volunteer page primarily consists of my quotes and their discussion in detail of what I did over there, they are either in on the conspiracy or fooled by it.  It makes sense, with the right medication (or the lack of it).

Try as I might to get these  ‘Zoo animals’ (their name, not mine) to raise themselves above the tantrum-throwing toddler level of discourse, they insisted- in less than a dozen exchanges- on stooping to threatening the charity (run by people of mainly liberal persuasion, for the sake of children that the left so cares about).  Threats to me are one thing; threats to my family (in which I am including my ‘family of the heart’ that is in Uganda) is another matter. After posting contact and address information on the group and my home phone started ringing with hang up calls, I contacted them to pull the links and that I would not comment on their site.  They pulled them, along with the request (proof they did essentially threaten the group); selectively editing the comment area.  They won the debate on the Cheney Impeachment issue by threatening kids; great victory, guys! 

The web caches are stored and the paperwork prepared to trace any additional calls or other forms of harassment my family may get.  And, considering what I know about some of the people at the site’s employment and personal info (but will never post), they might consider if I acted as nearly as low a lifeform as they did, what impact they might be on them.

The proper measure of discourse that I strongly suggest they might want to employ if they ever have any desire to deal outside a self-gratifying echo chamber is one that matches what you are willing to say face-to-face, one-on-one.  I would highly doubt any of these brave netroot warriors (most who don’t have guts to even post a real picture of themselves) would be up to that.  Knowing that their failure rate to achieve any of goals of significance will continue to be zero is quite satisfying, however.

I was truly sorry to see one result though.  The one person who acted reasonably at the Zoo has decided to leave that group; hopefully it wasn’t primarily due to taking abuse for his willingness to be civil.  While he and I are at polar opposites in terms of political viewpoints and personal lifestyles, he was an honorable man and the Zoo is smaller and meaner for his departure. 


4 Responses to “My venture into the realm of the REALLY Loony Left”

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  3. eddiebear said

    Nice to see leftist tolerance which is the “tolerance for me, but not for thee” meme.

    And I was really impressed by the threats implied at the site.

  4. eddiebear said

    Hey, keep your chin up. Don’t let them intimidate you and your charities.

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