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Boy, was I wrong! And I can’t stop laughing! (Actually, ended up right in the end).

Posted by Mike O on November 6, 2007

Here is my post at the TPZoo that got them implying threats against a charity that supports orphans:

“Not a chance, folks; sorry. It won’t get off the ground because of the upcoming election. As soon as the first round of the primaries are done and the Kuciniches and other marginals are eliminated by the HillBill machine, the Dem leadership will deepsix the word ‘impeach’ through November. Doing otherwise likely would put the GOP nominee in the White House.

You all really don’t understand how this all works, do you? All kowtowing to the Left ends after the nomination is assured; no one wants another McGovern ‘Death March’.”

Brother was I wrong, but for a reason that almost got me falling on the floor laughing so hard at the absolute brilliance of the GOP leadership.  At the last minute, they started switching as a block to bring the bill to the floor for a vote!  Pelosi is scrambling around trying to get the Dems to vote to table it, looking like a complete idiot; her leadership has become a laughing stock.

The purpose is a ‘put up or shut up’ vote and there is no way the Democrat Party will let the bill pass through; they will have to kill it themselves or face a ‘McGovern Death March’, with the radicals of the party controling dialog right up to November ’08.  It’s looking like Pelosi may muster her troops sufficient to kill it here, but either way, she becomes the ‘Foole of the Week’.  The netroots will be peeling her skin off for quite some time.   It is indeed unfortunate that the first woman Speaker turned out to be the chamber’s most incompetant.

My hats off to the GOP in the House; a brilliant move and something I should have anticipated.  I’m slipping up in my old age.

Alas, it looks like the Dems managed to shove it to the Judiciary Committe, where it will die quietly, never to be brought forward again.  The GOP allowed the Dems crawl whimpering off; count on the MSM to bury this story quickly and deep.

The Zoo Animals are all charged up about pounding on the Judiciary Committee to get this bill out for a vote.  I truly wish them luck (it would be a gift for the GOP if it did; a gift that keeps on giving), but it ain’t gonna happen.  My original post still applies.  And the latest is they can’t understand why there’s no coverage of it in the MSM; I guess I need to give them a clue:

The MSM is burying this story because the leader of their beloved Democrats in power put on a show that would have embarrassed the Keystone Kops.  It looked like she was trying to herd feral cats and the GOP threw a big, hungry pit bull into the mix. 

And she’s third in line for the Presidency??

BTW: John Conyers was one of the 81 Democrat ‘Switcheroos’ (those to voted to proceed, then changed their vote to table when it looked like it was going to pass).  And what are the odds of it coming out of his committee to the floor?


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