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Is Iraq worth it?

Posted by Mike O on November 16, 2007

Read this, then tell me it isn’t.  People like these, especially the Muslims in this article, are worth the very best.  And America has sent- and sacrificed- our very best for them.  This article tells me they are worth it. 

Then go read this to see if progress is being made.  The key section:

Sitting in a small room lined with cots and gear, the lieutenant talked to Mohammed through an Iraqi interpreter. “We know you were an insurgent during the fighting – you’re in no trouble – I just want you to tell me the truth.” Mohammad was now visibly shaking and appeared nervous before he quietly answered “yes.” “Did you ever fire on any Marines,” was the lieutenant’s first question. Mohammad was clearly concerned and replied with a long answer, but ultimately ended with a simple yes. “I was in Ramadi during the same time, so you could have possibly been shooting at me,” stated the lieutenant. “It’s okay Mohammad – if you were shooting at me then I was firing back at you,” joked the lieutenant.  The rest of the session involved the lieutenant and Mohammad exchanging promises to never fight again, and to work together to protect the city of Ramadi. Furthermore, pledges were exchanged that this new understanding, between friends, would not affect their friendship.

Blessed be the Peacemakers; for they are called United States Marines!

And yet, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi conspire to assure our finest over there- like the 2-12 Infantry Batallion and the Marines in Ramadi- are starved of their funds and that they turn victory into defeat.  I’m sorry; it has gone beyond political dispute.  It is becoming sedition, it is becoming treason; and the MSM is busily trying to bury those votes onto the back pages to minimize the damage they should be doing to the Democrats.  I want them to have to look LtC. Michael,  the interpreter ‘Ice’ and the Marine lieutenent in the eyes and tell them what they are doing isn’t worth it.

It is past time for our veterens and active duty personnel get very politically active.  They must turn out in force, as voters, campaign workers and candidates in primaries, to beat back those willing to sacrifce their gains and their lives to score political points against a lame-duck president.


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  1. pgwarner said

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    Blessed be the Peacemakers; for they are called United States Marines!


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