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Another reason to support Fred!

Posted by Mike O on December 16, 2007

Unique political conciseness, a great sense of humor and proper contempt for the silly hoops the MSM try to get candidates to jump through:

What’s your favorite joke?                      Presidential debates.
What’s your favorite keepsake?             Trophy wife.
What’s your favorite nickname?             Mr. President.
What do you like to do on a ‘lazy day’?   Campaigning.

Fred, the anti-pandering candidate.


2 Responses to “Another reason to support Fred!”

  1. No he panders alright, he panders to red-state bumpkins who buy into his artfully crafted bullshit persona. Keep slurping the Fred-Aid.

  2. Mike O said

    Gee, Johnny; I am just stunned with the logic, sophistication and manliness of your arguments. You can now return to your week-old playpen in victory and beat your chest about your ‘free speech’. The number of time you use ‘I’ in your free-speech post says a lot about you.

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