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The MSM’s greatest Fear is Fred Himself.

Posted by Mike O on December 17, 2007

Well, Fred is underway.  Steve King, an Iowa congressman with considerable influence in that state, surprised everyone (especially Mitt Romney’s team) by endorsing Fred.  It sounds like the Congressman is going to be actively campaigning with Fred, which will really boost ‘Mr. Hands Down’ in these last critical days.  The fact that this announcement came as the opening event of Fred’s big push there suggests to me that he had it in the bag for awhile; looks like the Romney people got pwned. 

As importantly, it will boost illegal immigration- the 800 pound gorilla the establishment on both sides of the aisle wants to ignore- as an issue in the campaign.  Being Fred’s the only one solidly on the side of 80% of GOP voters, it sure won’t hurt.  Of course, the MSM- terrified of Fred as they clearly are- will do everything in their power to discount this endorsement and to bury all coverage of Fred.  We went through this with Reagan; hopefully, it will work about as well as it did then.

My previous post on what I hoped was Fred’s campaign strategy seems to be bang on.  Go, Fred!


Michelle Malkin has the entire endorsement from Steve King; it is an excellent read and explanation why Thompson should be nominated, while saying good things about the other candidates


2 Responses to “The MSM’s greatest Fear is Fred Himself.”

  1. Nice Blog Mike. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m adding you to my blogroll. By the way, I’m a friend of Fred too, only thing… I’m leaning toward Ron Paul too. I have this “Conservative Libertarian” inside me that wants to see the UN go bye bye!!! LOL!!!

  2. Mike O said

    Blogroll favor gladly returned. However, I could never support Ron Paul; too flaky and I got real tired of his supporters showing up as counter-demonstrators at the ‘Support the Troops’ rallies I attended.

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