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Been busy elsewhere; come over and visit

Posted by Mike O on December 29, 2007

Folks, my posting here (except in support for Fred Thompson for President)  has been pretty light because I accepted an invitation to become a contributor to the Political Inquirer.  It’s a fairly eclectic collection of conservatives and libertarians that actually maintain pretty good manners.  Lots of good pieces over there, some strange ones (a number of Ron Paul supporters hang out there)  but all pretty well thought out without massive amounts of rancor spread about.  Lance and company run a ship tight enough- and with enough elbow room- to be worth being aboard.  Not that I’m gaining any more respect for extreme libertarianism or Ron Paul; actually the reverse.  But I’ve always known there were a few rational people scattered amongst the libertarian wing and I think I’ve found one of their nests.

I posted just now on Immigration (linked to Ron Paul, which should draw some fun), with other postings on the possibility of a brokered GOP convention, justification for the War in Iraq (which might get some feisty responses), and a piece on basic philosophy.  The Paulites don’t have much to say unless I mention their man, though; I end up getting bogged down commenting over there as well.  It will be interesting to watch the evolution over there as Ron Paul gets pounded out of the GOP primary and ends up trying it as an independent.  I’ll certainly have an easier time of it if Fred ends up folding the tent somewhere along the way; I can stomach some of the others (but not all). I figure by the time the Texas primary rolls around, selections will be trimmed down a bunch and I’ll be back over here for most stuff.

I promise to now return to doing a bit more here, though I have managed to add some goofiness to Buffoonery lately.  This site will keep most of my Fred Thompson updates (though not all) along with personal stuff.


2 Responses to “Been busy elsewhere; come over and visit”

  1. coldfire said

    Hasn’t Ron said that he won’t run as an independent?

  2. Lance said

    Mike O. is doing an excellent job posting for us too, he’s the man!

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