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I’m not Karnac the Magnificent, but not too shabby

Posted by Mike O on January 4, 2008

Well, I just proved I can read the GOP fairly well,  though I reversed Mitt and Mike and really missed how bad the collapse of Hillary and the Democrat machine politics would be.  But still, I’ve already laid out the groundwork if Obama follows through

Fred did OK in his 3rd place finish, though 15% would have been better.  If he pulls off a victory in the Nevada caucuses tomorrow , as is possible, it will make up for not finishing farther ahead of McCain.  He needs to really show his stuff in South Carolina; immigration enforcement and Huckabee’s actual record needs to be the key points.  If Giuliani continues to show weakness (and Edwards continues to show strength), Fred might actually do pretty well in Florida as well.  If Rudy doesn’t win Florida outright, he is toast.  If Mitt doesn’t win New Hampshire, he’s pretty much toast.  If McCain doesn’t win New Hampshire, he’s done as well.  I think the odds of a brokered GOP convention went up some, but it will be end of the first week of February to tell the real possibility of that.  At a brokered convention, Fred is the best fit for all if he shows up with more than a handful of delegates.  He hasn’t raised the ire of the candidates overly much and is unlikely to. 

As for the Dems; wouldn’t you loved to be a fly on the wall listening to Hillary after that debacle?  Heck, you could have been a fly on the wall four rooms down and probably heard it clearly enough.  Hillary’s back-ally knife fighters will now be in full charge of the campaign; look for things to get real ugly there.  Look for all sorts of revelations of personal stuff coming out about Obama from unnamed sources.  And the rumors about an Edward’s ‘love child’ will get a lot more play; probably calling for DNA testing to disprove it.  Time for the brass knuckles.   


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