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Fred came out with both barrels!

Posted by Mike O on January 11, 2008

I didn’t know they had a public display of the shotgun Fred used on Huckabee  and the other candidates:


And he can be Presidential and humorous in one phrase

The focus group gave the debate to Fred! enthusiastically.  Ron Paul, they just as enthusiatically panned.

It was gruesome;  the FRED! laid waste to all opposition!  That was a 9 out of 10 performance, Romney score a 6.5 at best for second  place.  Here’s hoping South Carolina GOP voters were watching!

UPDATE: OK, Folks; those big guns need to be locked and loaded: TIME TO DONATE TO FRED! if you want a consistently conservative candidate to keep marching on.


One Response to “Fred came out with both barrels!”

  1. redneck hippie said

    Oh boy. I guess I had it all wrong. Here I have been saying that the Red Truck ran over Huck.

    Oh well, either way Huck is road kill and the candidate who STICKS TO HIS GUNS beat the opposition Hands Down!


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