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Another Reason I like Fred.

Posted by Mike O on January 18, 2008

He can deal with any kind of question and knows the equipment a LOT of us would like to take to- and use in- Washington DC.

Did you ever see the movie ‘Walking Tall‘?” he said, referring to the 1973 action flick about Buford Pusser, a Tennessee sheriff who single-handedly rid his town of crime and corruption. “You know the ax handle that old Buford used to carry? I got me one of them. I knew Buford Pusser. His daughter gave me one of those ax handles and I still got it. I thought about it many, many times. There’s a lot you can do with that.


2 Responses to “Another Reason I like Fred.”

  1. Lance said

    Sad Fred hasn’t done better :-\

  2. Mike O said

    Yeah. I would have liked to have him in the Oval Office having meetings, with that axe handle prominently displayed and within easy reach 🙂 I think the Iranian ambassador and Democrat leadership would be a wee more cooperative.

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