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A depressing day for FredHeads

Posted by Mike O on January 20, 2008

I don’t think we’re as delusional as the Paulbots, so those of us who see Fred fighting so hard to barely get a third place (for now; 75% reporting) have to read the writing on the wall.  Fred will likely stay in through February 5th, in case of a sufficiently brokered convention.  But it’s not likely he’ll be able to mount anything of a campaign.  I’m fairly sure he’ll still be on the ballot in Texas in March, so I’ll cast my vote for someone I can believe in, but things look like thay’re working out to be a McCain, Romney fight, with Huckabee being a possible spoiler for Mitt.

Looks like the machinery is still behind Hillary, so I feel she’ll pull it out in the end- using the leverage she surely has with her knowledge of the dirty little secrets of most of the super-delegates.  Either McCain or Romney would be naturally be better that ms. Vindictive, but underestimating the Clinton machine would be a serious mistake.  

Still got China and Uganda as asylums, if need be 🙂


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