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Fred’s Done, as am I.

Posted by Mike O on January 22, 2008

I just went back into polical retirment, where I’d been since 1988.  Fred was the only thing that brought me out.  Thanks for the try, Fred.  The Reagan coalition is indeed dead and this country is headed down the path of the Roman Empire.

In March, I will put a gas mask on march down to the polls, cast my vote for Mitt and hurry home to take a long bath with Lava soap. In November, I’ll join the Bataan Death March into the polls, hoping we don’t quite reach the level of the 1964 Goldwater debacle.

At least my family can find asylum in either Asia or Africa, if things continue to fall apart. 


3 Responses to “Fred’s Done, as am I.”

  1. JLG said

    I was disappointed to see Fred get out as well. While I caucused for Huckabee, my only objection to Fred was that he didn’t seem to want it. I always held out hope he would catch fire and get the job done. I hope you will consider Huck over Mitt though. Just because Mitt’s been talking like a Conservative since he decided to run for president does not make one of us. How can we really trust him?

  2. Mike O said

    Nope; but I trust Huck even less. I would be horrified to have ‘Mr. Bunker Mentality’ dealing with the truly nasty people out there in the world that desire to hurt us.

  3. pgwarner said

    Mike my friend, I would love a Reagan conservative to vote for. Of course Reagen was not one. I think they are Unicorns in a practical sense.

    My friend I miss you commenting on Conclub very much. My health is preventing me doing much on there; so we need truth and beauty injected into the site. Your comments would help.

    I thought I would say hi: so HI!

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