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Hillary’s Race-Baiting

Posted by Mike O on January 26, 2008

Anybody who thinks her field troop’s comments and actions on the ‘race’ issue are not being directed by her, also believe her old sunday school teacher truly did just happen to be in the audience when a question arose on her religion, with commencement picture in hand. 

She is clearly race-baiting the campaign to drive whites– and Hispanics– away from Barak, not concerned in the least she might do to the Democratic Party itself.  Her power is all that matters and that’s what is truly scary.  She figures she can pander her way back into the good graces of the African-American community in time for the general elections.  She’d likely select a black running partner to start, though I’d be surprised if it would be Barak; she truly despises him at this point and he has too much ‘rock-star’ quality to keep bottled up.   If that is insuffienct, count on her backalley knife-fighters to manufacture a race controversy involving the GOP.  Here assistants in the MSM (you can already call CNN the Clinton News Network) will pitch in as well. 

It would be really sad if she gets away with it; the African-American community will continue to be taken for granted and disrespected by the Democratic Party as long as they pay attention to race baiters, whether black or white.

UPDATE: Here is an excellent assessment along the same lines. (from Instapundit)

Bottom line: I’m really rooting for Obama to slay the Clinton dragon; the Democrat Party, the United States, and the world will be better off for it.  In fact, if the Democrat race is more in doubt than the GOP when it becomes our turn in Texas to vote, I intend to help the lesser of two evils over amongst the Democrats.  Quite something for someone who has served as a GOP County Chairman. 

But ask yourself one thing: if a GOP campaign was pulling the stunts through sock puppets that Hillary is, what would the headlines look like?   The spokepeople of the black community; what would they be saying on the political programs?


One Response to “Hillary’s Race-Baiting”

  1. maryblu said

    Hillary and Billy boy are an embarrassment to all that the US SHOULD stand for. She will not get this “older” white womans vote come fall. Many more out there feel as I do.

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