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Scorched Earth Policy; it may be time…

Posted by Mike O on January 31, 2008

It was going to be hard enough to vote for Mitt; ‘Shamnesty’ John, with his votes against tax cuts and ignorance (after all these years in government) of economic issues, would make even showing up at the polls in November downright painful.

Maybe it’s time we conservatives don’t.  We’ve become to the GOP what minorities are to the Democrat party; taken for grant and disrespected grieveously on the calculation we have no place else to go.  Both sides plan to terrorize us into showing up come November; look for horror stories on the Clintons to be prominent in GOP ads, and how the GOP wants to disenfranchise minorities in the Democrat ads (yeah, like actually identifying someone by picture ID is aimed at the color of one’s skin). 

Maybe this is the year we simply shouldn’t fall for it.  Maybe it’s time to remind the GOP big shots that, without the conservatives, you don’t get elected.  The minorities should do the same on their side of the aisle, but they’ll get sold on the ‘historic nature’ of electing a woman to the White House (completely ignoring the back alley mugging of the black guy to do it). 

One of my favorite books is Rober Heinlein’s ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’; besides being a good read, it’s essentially a primer on revolutionary tactics. One of the most profound aspects is the concept of the need to make things worse first; it is the only way to break the majority’s apathy.  So maybe letting the Democrats rule the roost- taxing and legislating us into their ‘eutopia’- while the RINOs fall into uselessness.  A few years of that and the recession to follow would drive the point home.

But then…. voices call to me.  Nearly 4,000 voices.

They are the voices of America’s finest, voices calling from beyond the grave.

They remind me… we’re at war!

They remind me that the Democrats have repeatedly tried to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.  That their ‘hawk’ Hillary has had to ‘suspend disbelief” with their commanding officer.  That, if any Democrat is elected, will face a huge effort by the terrorist base to challenge our resolve in Iraq with a Tet-like effort.  Does Hillary have the investment to take a beating from her own party to stay in?  I doubt it.

And her opponent in the Democratic primary- visionary and uplifting as he sounds- would immediately give up everything they made the ultimate sacrifice for by leaving Iraq immediately, the only thing remaining a welcome mat to every Islamic terrorist on Earth.

Because I promised to honor our military and their extreme sacrifice, the least I can do is postpone my participation in the day of reckoning the GOP so desperately needs until after the war.  The least we can do is vote for and support someone who has a clue of what kind of support they need.

And the Iraqi people need the chance; we owe them that at this point.

Scorched Earth will need to be postponed.


4 Responses to “Scorched Earth Policy; it may be time…”

  1. amy said

    Please don’t be angry with me, I respect your opinion even though I disagree with it. You say we owe the Iraqi people – fair enough. But don’t we owe the American people more?

  2. Mike O said

    I’m never one to get angry, Amy; you’ll never even see me use profanity here. I sincerely appreciate your comment

    I am mainly concerned, at this point, what we owe our people in the military. Things are close to being stabilized there; not necessarily in an ideal manner, but adequately. And our military have earned the right to finish that job. If the majority of them said, no, it can’t be done, then I’d say fine; let’s get out of there. The vast majority that I have talked to and communicate with don’t say that ; I’ll take their judgement on whether to see it through, since they are making most of the sacrifices. They are extremely tired of it and the strain on them, but they want it finished out right.

    Others, like yourself will have different views; but right now, our military is helping Iraqis to be able to disagree with themselves and their government- like we do- without paying a high price for it. They definitely need to stand up for it themselves and- absent the outside interference they are getting- they would have done so by now. They’re close; I say let’s give them someone in our WHite House that will get them over that last hump.

  3. […] Mike Wayde wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOne of the most profound aspects is the concept of the need to make things worse first; it is the only way to break the majority’s apathy. So maybe letting the Democrats rule the roost- taxing and legislating us into their ‘eutopia’- … […]

  4. amy said

    Well, that’s one thing we absolutely agree on – the Iraqi government needs to step up. Our troops have done an extraordinary job ever there, but none of it will matter unless the Iraqis in charge get their act together.

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