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The Nobel Peace Prize Continues It’s Distinguished Run…

Posted by Mike O on February 1, 2008

Of recognizing people who get it dead wrong. The 2007 Prize for Global Warming is turning out to be no exception

Despite the sleight of hand as now referring to the ‘Glabal Warming’ problem as ‘Climate Change’, it is still all based on the assumption the Earth is warming due to our excessive production of Carbon Dioxide. Therefore, only warming events correlate; every attempt to associate non-warming events is nothing more than politically-correct mumbo jumbo.

Well, maybe they should ask the people of China their thoughts on Global Warming; they’re in the middle of their worst winter in 50 years.

How about the the people in Jerusalem or Baghdad as they play in the accumulated snow for the first time in recent memory? Maybe the people in America’s Midwest would have some thought on how hot the planet is becoming. Maybe they’d be willing to switch off their use of energy for awhile to cool the planet down some (like 0.0000001 degrees).

There is no question that- all other factors being equal- that a buildup of carbon dioxide in an atmosphere will cause a planet to trap more heat than would occur without it. Problem is, all things are not being equal.

1) Solar radiation: As the primary factor responsible for warming the planet, it needs to be reviewed for impact. In the short-term, there are solar events going on that correlate to the current weather, and portends a longer period of cooling.

2) Biological effect: Earth is not a ‘normal’ planet; never forget, while many of our pollutant are inherently poisonous, carbon dioxide is essentially plant food. As a biosphere, Earth will attempt to compensate. Especially if human beings continue to give in to their evil nature and plant trees. Forests cover approximately one-third of the earth’s land area, and account for two-thirds of global photosynthesis; they also tend to respond rapidly to increased carbon dioxide.

Long before the current ‘green movement’, human beings developed a tendency to plant more trees wherever they go; fruit trees, shade trees, ornamental trees. We stubbornly plant them in places they’ve never been before wherever we set foot. Fly over my home turf in North Texas- an area that was once prairie- and the thing that most clearly marks the populated areas are the trees.

Of course, we produce more carbon dioxide then we compensate for with tree planting, but Mother Nature is compensating. natural forests are increasing in biomass and water-born plants are fixing greater amounts of carbon dixide.

(And please don’t bring up injecting carbon dioxide directly into the ocean to spead the process; everything is toxic at high concentrations and killing off a patch of ocean with the resulting carbonic acid is dumb. Nautal equilibrium over the entire oceans exposed surface is more effective and less damaging. Of course, it doesn’t provide employment for eco-engineers who feel we must do something!)

While we are unquestioning fouling the earth in many other ways (including everything else produced from burning fossil fuels), chasing the supposed demon of carbon dioxide as a causation for global warming only distracts from ways we can really improve things.

Update: Sadly, the curse of the Peace Prize strikes again. In this case, the fellow seems to have been a proper recipient; hopefully, he’ll pull through and all the attackers will caught.

Update: Gateway Pundit, always a good read, is keeping a running tally of Mother Nature laughing at Al Gore this winter.   And my relatives in Minnesota would like to punch Al Gore’s lights out right about now.

Update II: Beside supporting the theory of the Nobel Peace Prize curse, this is actually something to be concerned about.

No wonder there is so much talk recently about global cooling. I certainly hope that’s wrong, because a Dalton type solar minimum would be very bad for our world economy and agriculture. NASA GISS published a release back in 2003 that agrees with the commonly accepted idea that long period trends in solar activity do affect our climate by changing the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI).I’d advocate more and bigger SUVs and coal-fired plants, but I doubt it would have enough impact to counter this.

Update III: Good Lord!  Snow… in San Diego??  And Arctic ice is back and thick (making these National Wildlife people look pretty silly), with record lows across the U.S.  

Please, Nobel Committee; take Goracle’s prize back and save us all! 


4 Responses to “The Nobel Peace Prize Continues It’s Distinguished Run…”

  1. Fran Manns said

    The report on my imminent death is premature. I have been sloshing around in the basins on the crust for more than four billion years. I now cover 80 per cent of the planet. Since the last ice age I have lifted myself out of the basin by 120 metres and scared the tribes of Noah to the higher ground. During deep time I became the universal solvent for the volcanoes and the clouds. I have taken up as much salt as required by local circumstances and sometimes give it back in hot shallows and desert areas of my world. I have given man the salt in his blood. Your CO2 output is infinitesimally small. I have absorbed as much gas as I need to maintain balance with the organic world within me and on land. The exchange is so peaceful that science calls it equilibrium. I can absorb more CO2, if the plants do not need it, and it does not give me acid imbalance. My pH will remain basic no matter what you say. These variations you measure have come and gone many uncountable times on the planet and your baseline is too small to know the truth. What you do not get is that warming of the oceans releases CO2 and other gasses from my water, while cooling my water allows me to take up CO2 in vast amounts to nestle with the other molecules in my coldest most remote realms. I can absorb all that man can produce because your impact is feeble compared to my capacity.
    Please watch me with humility for you cannot change me. I am the ongoing sink for the planet, and I am huge and my heat content is beyond your estimation. Measure me here and there with your microscopes but know that I will never be that way in that place again. Open your mind to the infinite cycles of chemistry and physics and kneel on my beach. You can only hurt me by not respecting my infinite ability to change chemistry and temperature in all the corners of the seas. My CO2 feeds your plants and your plants provide all the oxygen you breathe. Your base line is infinitesimally small yet your mouth is wide open.

  2. […] more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than she was.  The result was the continuance of the record of Peace Prize winner futility via the coldest winter in decades for much of the […]

  3. […] more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than she was.  The result was the continuance of the record of Peace Prize winner futility via the coldest winter in decades for much of the […]

  4. nanodrv7 said

    It seems the good ol US of A has one thing n it’s mind. Bring pain and misery to the planet. While the Geeenies are scewing n their flourescent light bulbs and complaining of the effects of CO2. 6000 Chinese coal miners are being wiped out each year producing coal, 90% of the energy of which goes goes up in smoke. If the Greenies cried about increasing the eficiiency of the Chinese power system by using American technology and forcing a modernization of the same. Thousands of lives would be saved and CO2 discharge would be reduced by an amount far more than if we would all drive hybrid vehicles. Recall the Bejing Olympics. Rember we don’t HAVE to buy all those cheap Chinese products.

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