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OK: I’ll be voting for Obama

Posted by Mike O on February 6, 2008

Those who know my political philosophy (I consider Ghengis Kahn a moderate) are looking at the title and saying: WTF??

It’s simple: The GOP race is done, picking the most liberal member that is anywhere close to electable in McCain; I can’t affect that. The Dem race is closer and that’s where the action is.

Why Obama? Simple: If he wins the popular vote, the GOP, long-term, cannot lose. He still has to get through the convention, and the super-delegates. If Hillary is forced to bludgeon the super-delegates into her camp- via political bribery and blackmail- to overturn the popular vote, it will damage her credibility immensely. Even if it’s close, it will make her more vulnerable to November defeat. Bottom line, I expect her machine to carry it through, but be forced to show itself for all the nastiness it in doing so.

If the long-shot Barak actually carries the day and wins the nomination, not for one minute do I think McCain could beat him.  But, bad as that would be (and it would be really bad for the Iraqis), it’s not catastrophic in the long run.  First, it kills off a toxic political machine that needs to die for the good of America. It will hopefully allow at least one party to start to rebuild on a less corrupt and cynical base.  And the GOP will have to rebuild; hopefully, around people who are conservatives, without the ‘neo-‘. 

The major downer will be Iraqis serving as dog meat if Obama pulls it off; and no one in the world will ever side with us again in an international conflict.  We’re too consistent in letting our friends get killed off.  When the next 9/11 rolls around (and I’d expect the next one could be nuclear), global sympathy will be short and political support non-existent. 

There is nothing left to vote for, there is just things left to vote against; and- even there- the choices are close as to who will be worst for this country and the world.

In  November, though, I will be voting for the GOP; I’m not completely crazy.  However, the one exception would be if McCain actually picks Huckabee as running mate; that would be the last straw.  In that case, I’ll find something else to do on Election Day.


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