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Must I vote for the Queen Witch of the Universe???

Posted by Mike O on February 13, 2008

Update: OK; I did it. I went to the poll and cast my vote for the Hildebeast; I now have my caucus card in my wallet for March 4th. A squadron of pigs flew in formation overhead, as Satan’s ice hockey team lined to vote behind me. My stomach hasn’t felt like this since I accompanied my coroner Dad to a suicide scene after a steak dinner where the guy used both barrels of a shotgun on his head.

Ugh! But if I follow my previous logic on the primaries, I just may have to. For the sake of the GOP’s chances in November, a brokered convention in Denver is helpful. And Hillary’s campaign is imploding too fast to make that a sure thing if she doesn’t win Texas (and probably Ohio). McCain pulled out Virginia tonight (good thing it was all or none format for him), so his lead is pretty much insurmountable. Hopefully, he’s gotten the message and will pick a solidly conservative VP (neither Huckabee nor Romney will do). He probably needs a ‘double pander’ here; a conservative who is female and/or a minority, simply to take some of the edge off of the ‘historic vote’ nature of November.

Here’s hoping John Edward’s handful of delegates are important enough to get him the VP slot. If not, the winner will likely fill the slot with another pander candidate and will be really tough to beat. It also would leave John to sell his delegates for a far more dangerous position- Attorney General or even the Supreme Court. Doesn’t that thought send shivers down your spine? That horrific vision alone will drive me to vote for McCain in November.

Update: Oh what fun! If I follow this logic, with the Dems Split primary/caucus situation, the Dems get to vote twice legally! (Legality issues haven’t kept them from doing it before.) This means I should go to the caucus for Hillary as well: I, who consider Ghengis Kahn a moderate on foreign policy and Scrooge a moderate on government spending, sitting in with the Impeachers and socialists. I could tell them that I ran the Denton County party for a a year or so back a couple decades ago (I just won’t tell the which party :). If pressed, I could them them I’m a member of Zell Miller/Ralph Hall branch of the party; it would be right, but that branch could have their meetings in phone booth these days.


4 Responses to “Must I vote for the Queen Witch of the Universe???”

  1. Fooser said

    Don’t do it Mike!

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  3. […] had this stuff going on 3 weeks ago, which I witnessed myself at precinct (a single night of hypocracy was all I could manage).  They couldn’t take notes and prepare any better than this after […]

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