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Additional Suggestions after another Campus Shooting

Posted by Mike O on February 15, 2008

Sadly, the politically correct sign:


has again been translated, in the realworld, as:


I made some suggestions after the last one, to which Instapundit comment was ‘only 5%?’  Fine, 10%; whatever the business thinks is worthwhile.

Here’s one; it’s time to add handgun training as a PE course on college campuses.  They certainly offer a lot of stuff far less practical and making the handgun training a full course would certainly be an improvement over the paltry 10 hours my Concealed Handgun License required.  They could make it tougher and those that ace the course (and pass extensive background checks) have conceal carry privileges on campus.  Professors, too, could similarly qualify.  Violations of handgun security on campus or public intoxication would immediately revoke those privileges.

Here’s another suggestion: add a military police component to the ROTC programs; those who pass that- along with the handgun class- are allowed to add a sidearm to their campus uniform.   Some of those Ivy league schools might want to reconsider restarting their ROTC programs.

And, like the previous suggestion, prominent signage is important:

“This campus has a program that supports the 2nd Amendment and maintains an active program in concealed handgun training for appropriate members of student and faculty.  Concealed carry permitted on campus but ONLY with appropriate campus-specific certification and identification.” 

Simple suggestions that are not overly radical that would put a level of protection on campus that are better trained than the normal CHL holders.  it is worth considering, given recent events.


4 Responses to “Additional Suggestions after another Campus Shooting”

  1. Lance said


    Allowing guns on campus may or may not deter a crazy killer, but it would save lives because he’d be put down in seconds.

  2. John said

    I agree with Lance.


  3. […] their coverage, so look for more of these to continue.  For the colleges, they may wish to take actions to protect themselves.  Myself, I’ve taken to availing myself of my Concealed Handgun License more.  If I were […]

  4. Lance said

    Speaking of this, someone in Alabama just submitted a bill to the legislature that is very much along the lines of what you’re thinking of (ROTC training programs to allow students to carry guns).

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