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Obama needs the Remedial Commander-in-Chief Class

Posted by Mike O on February 22, 2008

Update: The captain (who was a Lieutenent then) exists, there were some selective ammunition shortages in training and his platoon was downsized somewhat before leaving (but was still within Army limits).  And the complaint about a lack of uparmored Humvees was unreasonable; in 2003, very few existed and a Light Infantry unit would be very unlikely to have them anyway.  Most importantly, he refuted having to ‘scrounge’ for weapons, the key point of Obama’s statement.   Bottom line: Obama’s story was pretty much A ‘Clintonian’ truth; just enough of a seed to get by without being a full-fledged lie. 

This is just amazing.  When I watched it the first time, I couldn’t believe the word’s falling out of Barack’s mouth.

Where to start:

  • Captains lead companies, not platoons
  • Platoons are never split up
  • According to this guy, the 10th’s deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan were a year apart
  • Scrounging for weapons due to some sort of supposed supply shortage is being laughed at by everyone who has been in theater.

Any this guy wants to be Commander-in-Chief?? Didn’t we reject a guy last time with a tendency to make up stories about the military (who at least served in it)?

And it is an indication of the type of people involved in Democrat debates- whether as participant, moderator, or audience- that this went right by them without so much as an eyeblink of challenge. 


3 Responses to “Obama needs the Remedial Commander-in-Chief Class”

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  3. hughvic said

    It doesn’t give me the creeps, but it does give me either (a) the willies or else (b) the heebeegeebees when politicians tell their embellished stories as though they believe their own embellishments. It’s just two notches from President Reagan believing in his second term that he actually had been a tailgunner in the war, not in the movies. And it’s only one notch away from fathering the Internet or from being surrounded by ten thousand native warriors while secreting a CIA operative deep behind the Cambodian border—and having the souvenir boony hat to prove it.

    We have to be alert to psychopathology here, because the Democratic Party has a propensity for nominating Baron von Munchausen every four years.

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