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Is it ‘Bambi’ Obama, or is there something there with fangs?

Posted by Mike O on February 26, 2008

This quote for Hot Air does raise a real issue with anyone campaigning against Obama in an amusing analogy; how does one challenge wide-eyed innocence and ‘Hope’ (actually, the appearance of same; preception is rarely reality in politics):

She can’t club Bambi now or else she’ll look desperate, but she couldn’t club Bambi last year when she was ahead or else she would have looked mean and … Hillary-ish. This is why I fear Obama so much more than her in the general: There’s never a good time to club Bambi.

The rest of the piece is interesting as well; it details how the arrogance of the Clintons over the years is returning to bite them in terms of press coverage.  Of course, it was the press that helped them breed that much arrogance in the first place by fawning over them and protecting them from themselves.  It’s a lesson that Barack better recognize for himself; today’s golden child becomes tomorrow’s target practice, as far as the MSM is concerned.  And it can happen quite quickly, when the time comes.

Now for the other side:

Chicago has a well-deserved reputation for political shenanigans, though it’s less noticeable than in the Original Mayor Daley days. And Obama has been in the thick of it for several years.  The question the Democrat hierarchy has to be considering:

A British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions of dollars to Barack Obama’s fundraiser just weeks before an imprudent land deal that has returned to haunt the presidential contender, an investigation by The Times discloses. 

Are stories like this one- the tip of an iceberg, or just an ice cube floating by?  If there are such icebergs in Obama’s life, will the news media be as effective at masking such problems as they were with Bill’s extra-curricular activities? 

This particular story is pretty thin, with most of it being circumstantial; however, it already has more meat to it (with actual financial transactions that appear, at least, odd) than the front-page blast the McCain with far less about the lobbyist (with 4 bylines no less).  There are certainly questions to be asked of Tony Rezko (awaiting trial), who had “no income, negative cash flow, no liquid assets, no unencumbered assets [and] is significantly in arrears on many of his obligations”, yet managed to qualify for a mortgage and get loaned millions. 

Of course, the media will give Obama the same kind of coverage McCain got when Satan’s team skates the Stanley Cup.  But when Hillary gets knocked out and is sitting on the sidelines, who’s to say whether her back-stabbing little minions won’t manage to chum the waters with more substantial meat than this to leave 2012 open?  They would do it as covertly as possible to avoid bloodstained hands showing up in the next cycle; but they’ve done such before.

Politics at this level is a full contact sport that makes rugby look wimpy; if there’s a wolf under Bambi’s’ clothing, we’ll end up seeing Barack’s fangs before this is done.


3 Responses to “Is it ‘Bambi’ Obama, or is there something there with fangs?”

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