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Truly Dedicated Democratic Buffoonery

Posted by Mike O on March 16, 2008

Well, Daily Kos is in the middle of political cannibalism, using their traditional excessive venom on each other, shocking some of their moonbat brigade.  The Clinton campaign has its back-alley knife fighters going full-tilt with the nastiest forms of identity politics, continuing their decades-long tradition of political eye-gouging.  The Obama campaign is struggling to explain that- while the people closest to the candidate (his wife and pastor of 20 years) are clearly believers in race-obsessive, ‘us-vs-them’ politics, the candidate himself does not.  And that his association with Rezco was innocent and does not taint Barack.  They haven’t addressed the issue yet about the million dollar earmark for his wife’s employer, which gave her a 261% annual raise right after his election to the Senate.  But, however this and the other issues pan out, Obama looks a lot less like a political Messiah, than another over-promising, under-achieving political product of the Chicago Machine.

The GOP couldn’t ask for a bigger mess if they custom ordered it.  They certainly did not, though some of us ‘right-wingers’ might have helped by extending Hillary’s ‘Black Knight’ campaign with our votes.  The election that has always been the Democrats to lose (and only through truly dedicated buffoonery) is looking a lot less a sure thing.

But it also raises a historical question: Karl Rove has always been credited- and damned- for the political success of the current administration.  Does the current Democratic debacle suggest that maybe Karl wasn’t so smart as the supposed ‘smarter’ Democrats were just plain stupid?


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