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Super-Delegates; Bribery, Blackmail, Extortion, Oh My!

Posted by Mike O on March 30, 2008

It’s time to address the very ugly back-room antics that are going on that the Democrat Party is desperate not to have discussed.

The several hundred gorillas in the Democrat room are the super-delegates; and only a fool will think that these gorillas will not demand to be fed.  But, they’re not like that, are they?  Only if you still believe in the tooth fairy. And, because these are super-delegates, all of this feeding will occur out of the public eye.

So what do you feed a super-delegate gorilla?   Political favors, positions, contributions, even outright cash.  All of which requires money or political power. In other words, subtle or outright bribes 

Or you can not feed the gorilla and choose threaten him with bigger gorillas, if you have them in your corner.  Exposure of bad (even illegal) habits, loss of current positions, major support for the gorilla’s opponents.  In other words, subtle or outright extortion and blackmail.

Now, who has the most capability of feeding or intimidating these gorillas in this way?  Barack Obama, the political newbie with minimal personal resources, or the Clintons, with all their years of power and massive amounts of ‘mystery money’ associated with the Clinton Library and the Clinton Foundation?  In this back alley fight, Barack is going into a gunfight with a pocketknife.

Barack  can only counter this by keeping things in the light of day; out of the back alley, as it were.  That’s why the cry continues to be to ‘honor the pledged delegate vote’ for him, even though he has won almost no key state and has heavily dependent on the caucus system, which correlates poorly to general election success.  Obama isn’t doing this out of a sense of fairness; the guy is a product of the Chicago political machinery, where fairness is a pretty foreign concept. 

But the Clinton minions have come up with a perfect counter that would provide a great cover for the back alley massacre, ironically in the name of ‘democracy’.  A superdelegate primary, complete with a secret ballot! Oh, the bloodbath that will occur in the background of that spectacle.  But it would given the super-delegate the group cover that would actually allow them to overturn the pledged delegate count and avoid personal responsibility for the race riots such an outcome would bring in Denver.  It’s the only way to overturn the pledged votes and it’s a sharp political ploy.

Supposedly, it would also protect the gorillas from individual retribution and reward, but the Clintons would merely make it an all-or-none offer;  bananas to all if they win, carpet-bombing if they lose.  And who in the Democrat party want the Clintons on a suicide mission, with all they know and all of their resources? 

The super-delegates would prefer that arsenal being used on McCain and they know Obama is now seriously damaged for the general.  Their desperation is so bad, there is the ludicrous talk of taking the white male elitist Al Gore, who has not faced a single vote this primary, to replace the first serious woman and the first serious black candidate.  That shows the Democratic leadership has reached full psychosis.

Ain’t it grand?


2 Responses to “Super-Delegates; Bribery, Blackmail, Extortion, Oh My!”

  1. Christian Prophet said

    The media has pandered to Obama so much that the really damaging truth about him is only just beginning to come forth. See:

  2. […] will be successful, but horribly embarrassing).  But she’ll need to get a lot closer before her advantage in the really seamy side of this whole mess can come into play.  She’ll continue to make her arguments, right to the end, to set […]

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