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The Dems run Conventions like Keystone Kops

Posted by Mike O on March 30, 2008

And these bozos want to run the country??  They can’t even run district-level conventions here in Texas without almost matching Mugabe in Zimbwabwe for class and fairness

 The 23rd district got together at 8:30am; the convention managed to start at 6pm.  There was challenges and shouting galore.

Sheila Jackson, the Democrat Congresswoman, was booed in Houston.

They had this stuff going on 3 weeks ago, which I witnessed myself at precinct (a single night of hypocracy was all I could manage).  They couldn’t take notes and prepare any better than this after that??

Manners, competancy and democracy, Democrat style.  Just what the nation needs more of.

UPDATE:  The tedious process included numerous precincts redoing the caucuses held March 4, an act repeated across the state. Re-doing the March 4th caucuses???  No legal issues there; yeah, right!  Sorry, you either seat a delegate or you accept a challenge to one; no ‘redos’ are possible, since most of the precinct caucus goers aren’t there.  I speak as someone who has run district conventions myself and I would have rightfully been burned at the political stake had I run a mess like that, no matter how much lipstick the local paper tries to smear on this pig. 


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