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A Source of High Oil Prices

Posted by Mike O on April 20, 2008

My undercover investigation found this to be a key source of the conspiracy that has led to $115/barrel oil prices:

What is this?  It is a picture of some of the typical vehicles parked outside my local fitness center on a beautiful Spring day.  A Yukon, a giant Ram truck and the smaller SUV is a 4Runner.  When we drive on a beautiful day to go get exercise , there is no one to blame for oil prices other than us.  Folks; try running, jogging, power walking or even just strolling there!  I know it’s radical.

Trust me, I see hundreds of these 12 MPG monsters every workday, being used to crawl through long commutes with just the driver.  The pickup’s bed showed absolutely no sign of usage for real work and it’s rare I ever see one of these SUVs with more than 4 people in them, even on weekends.  Couple that with our energy-devouring McMansions (the new home average size has grown 250% in two generations) and our personal energy consumption has gotten absurd.

Of course, instead of burning our grand-children’s chemical feedstock, we can burn today’s food (via biofuel), so we can keep driving to the fitness center. To heck with starving a few million people (including the orphans at the orphanages I support, who lost World Food Program support because of the rising food prices.)  


2 Responses to “A Source of High Oil Prices”

  1. richard said

    The increase in oil prices is due to the gov`t allowing it to be traded on the stock market, speculation. It used to be that oil companies could hedge which made the price stable then bush let the gate open.

  2. Mike O said

    And the massive increase in demand from China and India, combined with our increases from beasts like these, have nothing to do with it? How laughable!

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