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The Hildebeast Is Done For.

Posted by Mike O on May 7, 2008

With Barack’s crushing win in North Carolina and Hillary’s narrow escape in Indiana, the nomination is decided.  The super delegates will start publicly flocking to Barack to gain favor, no longer fearing (overmuch) her political power.  I won’t be suprised if enough do it to put him over the top before he is embarrasingly beaten like a drum in West Virgina and Kentucky (which will happen anyway, but will not be well covered).  I’m sure the city of Denver will breathe a sigh of relief if he’s got it sewn up before he gets there.  It is probably for the best in terms of the political process; whether it’s best for the nation will take quite awhile to determine.  

Still, Operation Chaos and Hillary’s tenacity had the benefit of finally beginning to treat Barack like any other candidate; treating him any other way would truly be racist.  The guy is an inexperienced Chicago machine politician with a very liberal voting record (such as it is). That should be issues of more import that the genetics involved.

I doubt the GOP could have possibly pulled that off without the MSM and the Dems painting McCain as something new generation klansman.  Indeed, I expect the age question to slowly evolve to implied painting of McCain with some of his generation’s racial intolerance and a need for payback (which is ridiculous, but does anybody expect the MSM to permit real issues in November?)

As for Hillary, she probably will not formally fold, just go into maintenance mode.  She has a chance to become a Senate leader (Ted Kennedy’s successor, hopefully) if she cranks it way down now.  And if Barack fails (possibly with the help of her backalley knife fighters), she’s got 4 years with a one term McCain to make people forget her nastiness and hope to try again. 

Those of us whose contempt for the Clintons political antics long preceded this campaign can take some satisfaction in the justice of her aborted coronation and Bill reduced in the last days to running around out in tiny rural towns like a country constable drumming up support.  And the fact we made use of them in the process.

Many thanks for your service, Hillary and Bill; you may go now.



2 Responses to “The Hildebeast Is Done For.”

  1. It is going to take a big stick and a ton of hydrochloric acid to get rid of Hildabeast. The stakes are way too high – her handlers need her to win. I suspect that she will soon drop the guillotine blade on Obama. They have tons of intel and black propaganda they can slay him with. Dean told them not to let it get ugly due to the damage it would cause in the primary, but that was yesterday.

  2. Ben Hoffman said

    We can only hope she will finally drop out so we don’t have to listen to her any more. Damn she’s annoying.

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