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Hope & Change includes Changing Pledges

Posted by Mike O on June 21, 2008

Obama is a ‘new style’ politician?  What a joke!  He becomes the first Presidential candidate ever to reject public financing (and the constraints contained within).  This breaks a very clear pledge he made last year. 

Breaking promises is nothing new for a classic politician (which is exactly what Obama has turned out to be).  But doing so with such laughable explanations (and having his staff clearly lie on one issue) indicates he really isn’t ready for prime time.  Let’s address then in outline form:

  • “The system is broken’; since April?  Yeah, right.
  • “The 527s give the GOP the advantage.”  Can you say MoveOn.org?  How did your meeting with George Soros go?  Who has benefited from $500K of attack ads already?
  • “The GOP takes money from lobbyists.”  As did the DNC, as well as the heaps they give you directly, rather than as a ‘group’.  And they represent not 2% of anybody’s funding.

Generally, its a really bad job of putting lipstick on this pig.  And Obama is a pretty poor makeup artist.  Just ‘fess up: “It’s the money, Stupid!”

And, Ironically, they were embarrassed enough about their actual fund-raising in May being so far aff from the rumors that they waited until late on a Friday Night to release the $22 million total (missed the $100 Million by a bit, I’d say).  Fourth month in a row showing significantly reduced donations, while McCain raised a new record.  And, naturally, Obama’s crew hasn’t managed the money as well as McCain’s; they lost $5 million in available cash on hand, while McCain was gaining ground.  Plus, the RNC is in way better shape to help than the DNC; $53 mil to $4 mil.  Not to mention Hillary’s debts that she will be scrambling to pay off.  Barack is not helping his case among Hillary female fiundraisers when he tells them to “just get over it“.  And the most idealistic of his early supporters (lots of college kids) may be catching on to his habits of taking far more creadit than due and flopping around like a fish on things like trade.

So the monetary tsunami may not be all that bad for McCain and he only has to be in the ballpark, given the Democratic tendency to get only half the ‘bang for the buck’ the GOP always seems to manage.  The game is on, The halo has slipped a fair amount on St. Barack and people are starting to get a nagging suspicion that this emporer really doesn’t wear any clothes (or, more appropriate, the suit really is walking around with no content.)


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