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We’ve Established What You Are; Now We’re Negotiating Price.

Posted by Mike O on June 27, 2008

And we thought Gov Spitzer paid a bunch for the services of his women; Obama’s gang is going to pay $20+ million for the services of just one.  And please don’t try to say Hillary’s support is not being bought.  Follow the time line

  1. Obama ends up with enough delegates to lock it up, with Hillary $20 million in debt.
  2. Hillary falls off the face of the map for a few weeks, with no public appearances or statements; none of typical typical prolonged congratulations, handshaking, good loser, unity stuff.
  3. Hillary’s minions snarl continually that there’s no way they’ll vote for that mean, sexist Obama.
  4. Obama comes out and asks donors to contribute to Hillary, and makes a $4,600 show contribution for he and Michelle; Michelle must have loved that. (I just heard that Barack pledged to get her entire debt paid off)
  5. Hillary is slated to campaign with Obama, but only after the money starts to flow
  6. Next, expect the 70’s feminist troops of Hillary start to quiet down and start to- somehow- redirect their ire to that ‘sexist’ McCain, since- magically- ‘Sweetie’ Obama no longer is one.

Two things not to expect:

  • Hillary as VP candidate
  • And Hillary shilling for Obama once the money flow stops.

Indeed, Obama will probably assure that the payout will continue long enough to get optimal campaign value out of her (I’d say about the time the GOP convention wraps up), then end the charade so he can be sure the campaign focuses on him and his running mate.  This also leaves little time for covert Clintonian shock troops to damage him to give Hillary a clear run in 2012.  However, I actually expect those shock troops to be doing some backstabbing if Obama shows any weakness (very likely), even while Hillary’s on stage smiling.  Especially if there isn’t an appropriate feminist running mate at Obama’s side (and what Clinton loyalist feminist would dare show up Hillary by getting on the ticket?)

This is a basic selling of service that the Emporer Club must look at with awe and envy.

UPDATE: Looks like the money pimps on both sides aren’t very happy with the ‘accomodation’.


One Response to “We’ve Established What You Are; Now We’re Negotiating Price.”

  1. Lisa said

    The American Political system at its best.

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