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The ‘Under the Bus’ Executive Summary

Posted by Mike O on June 28, 2008

The ‘Under the Bus’ catchphrase- according to liberals- is being overused, so should now be dropped. Of course, if their political Messiah Obama would quit committing the act, the phrase for that action would not be being over used. For simplicity, I will create an Executive Summary listing, which may need updating (at least weekly at the rate Barack is working).

Bottom line (to paraphrase ‘Jaws’): “We’re going to need a bigger bus!”

Who’s gone under the bus so far:

Is it any surprise that (no matter how much lipstick they slap on this statistical pig) that the percentage of Clinotnistas leaning toward McCain (23-24%) is unchanged in several months?


3 Responses to “The ‘Under the Bus’ Executive Summary”

  1. sarenaty said

    You could add women in headscraves.
    President Clinton and his administration, legacy.
    People who believe that you should count the votes and every vote should count (Florida & Michigan voters)
    People who belive what
    Franklyn D. Roosevlt said “Rules are not sacred…principles are”.
    Small town people who cling to their guns & religion.
    Women who have fought all their lives so their daughters, mothers and sisters would not be discriminated against, sexism, misogyny.Hard working Americans who are losing their jobs to undocument workers, or having their wages cut.

  2. So the man who promised us a new brand of politics is pretty much identical to every other politician with the only exception being his skin color?

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