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The Blessed One goes on World Tour

Posted by Mike O on July 18, 2008

Barack has decided to take his Magnificance on World Tour, taking his groupie entourage of all 3 major network anchors with him. He is sure to get ‘rock star’ receptions from the socialists in Europe: With 10% unemployment, Muslim enclave ‘no go’ zones, economies cratering faster than America’s and leadership that can’t find their asses with toilet paper, they have nothing better to do. But they’ll cheer loudly for the Emporer with no Clothes (and a historically unprecedented lack of a paper trail). They won’t care of the complete lack of grasp the political Messiah has of pre-vietnam events, and the fact the guy needs 300 foreign policy advisors (no wonder he’s so muddled).

And his news media anchor buddies (who couldn’t be bothered covering, much less accompanying, McCain’s foreign trips) will assuredly shield us from any images of stupidity and ignorance on his part. We must bow down to the liberal Savior, no matter what. His world class vanity demands it.

(Update: At least most people on the streets know bias when they see it; only 1 in 4- nearly all Democrats- think reporters are unbiased.  Also, get your Tour t-shirts here; many to choose from.)

Tennyson Hays, a commentor over at Michelle Malkin’s site, applied his exceptional Photoshop talent and summed it up best; not sure where this falls in the guide to making fun of Obama (the need for which is truly unprecedented), but it should be in there.


2 Responses to “The Blessed One goes on World Tour”

  1. Son of Bill Brasky said

    I’ve always thought it was funny that Obama gets the “elitist” label. When I think about it.. does it get anymore elitist than being named Clinton or Bush in this country? Bush even has that Ivy League silver spoon background yet was never called “elitist” (you bet your ass he knows he’s better than you). Reagan was a goddamn movie star. Was he considered “elitist”? no.

    John McCain has been a politician in Washington for decades..he’s married to an HEIRESS who has a FORTUNE. I don’t know..I guess saying that Obama is the “elitist” in the race seems to be a stretch for me.

    I don’t find Michelle Malkin to be all that bright either. Rather inane and seems to be only good for polarization.

  2. Mike O said

    I wouldn’t know anything about it; I’m just bitter, clinging to my guns and my bible.

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