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Obama’s World Tour a Flop

Posted by Mike O on July 25, 2008

Considering it’s real purpose was not educational but for domestic political consumption, this thing was a dud.
Too much display of arrogance (acting as if already elected as President of the World) and too many glaring indicators of the purely political nature of the trip (The medicre speech to the Germans for the phot op, while blowing off meeting our wounded soldiers because no phot op would be allowed, something the Obama camp is calling ‘interfering with the visit’ today). And too many reporters feeling like they are being used as campaign staff (they always have been, but the important illusion of otherwise has been completely stripped off). Whining about the soldiers’ TV channel preferences didn’t help, either.

Proof of the failure of the political goals of this trip will have to wait until poll numbers come out. Obama was hoping for a big boost, but I doubt it will be there (lower numbers are actually possible, and that would mark it as a disaster). (Update: Gallup has the first one; with all that press and 3 network anchors in tow, a 2-point shift is all that he could muster. Now- July 27th- Rasmussen has him where he started) The first indicators of the lack of success of this globalization campaign tactic can be seen in how fast Obama has fallen off as the lead story today at CNN CBS, and CNBC on a slow news day, with ABC News primarily running damage control about the cancelled troop visit. The pictures of the ‘Rally for Non-Citizens’ sure disappeared fast enough. Even the Obama site only has a link to video on its front page; guess they’re realizing that thing was a big mistake.

Even Obama’s auxiliary campaign staff that is the MSM is getting tired of slapping lipstick on his pigs.

Update: Not much impact in that almost 3-1say Obama’s trip does not make him more fit to be president.

Update 2: according to these polling results, beyond a small blip during the ‘Grand Tour’, it was a complete failure; he’s losing ground. I suspect the biggest part of this is loss of voters in the youngest bloc, as they’ve discovered Obama is just another typical politician.


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