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Celebrate the DNC by Making Good Obama’s Promise

Posted by Mike O on August 25, 2008

Politicians tend to make heaps of promises they neither fulfill nor even make the attempt to. Most are in the political arena, but sometimes a personal commitment- a good one- slips by the wayside when it really shouldn’t. Isolated instances of forgotten personal commitments may or may not be a reflection of the character of the individual; it requires more than that to take a full measure of a politician. A history of them is another matter, however. This has been discussed before.

This particular personal commitment is one that is very worthy. While I have not personally seen the situation in this site, I’ve seen others very much like it just 150 miles west of this site. Fortunately, there is a blogger known as Baldilocks whose has picked up the dropped ball and is running with it. She knows the terrain, the people (She’s from the Luo tribe, as is Obama’s father), and the environment. Much good will come of her effort and you can help by contributing to the Obama School fund here.

Charity such as this goes beyond politics. Obama supporters can contribute to honor their candidate, McCain supporters to point out the unfulfilled promise. A Libertarian should do it as a function of individual liberty and to reduce dependence (and the resulting power) of government. A Liberal should do it as a voluntary redistribution of our wealth to those with greater need. A conservative should do it from a standpoint of taking personal responsibility and serving a higher moral order.

And, when the RNC rolls around next week, I suggest honoring that with a contribution to Cindy McCain’s charitable efforts: Operation Smile. Despite my personal commitments to my ‘daughter’ the other kids and other projects (and I take my commitments very seriously), I plan to send a little to both.


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