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An Ego for the Ages in a Classical Setting

Posted by Mike O on August 27, 2008

So Barack is going to give his acceptance speech from a minature version of an ancient Greek temple.  And what were those temples normally used for?

Such an exceptional ego requires portrayel by the exceptional talent of Tennyson Hayes, who comes through again with an appropriate offering:


3 Responses to “An Ego for the Ages in a Classical Setting”

  1. Go here to see the snappy reply I gave Jack at Political Inquirer.

  2. I don’t know who reads this rag of yours Mike O, but wow are you ever misguided. After graduating from Harvard w/ a Law degree and being the first person of color to serve as President of the Harvard Law Review Barack Obama could’ve cherry picked a cush, high paying, high visibility firm but instead he went back to the neighborhood where he found help and love when he needed it in his youth. For VERY LITTLE money and long hard hours he built a foundation and a community and made hundreds of lives better. No amount of “snappy”, sarcastic insults can change who Senator Obama is- a very accomplished, very eloquent, very bright…stand up guy! John McCain is an average politician w/ a long record of service. He was definitely not the Republicans first choice to run for Pres. And yes Mike I’m tired of hearing about his Hanoi Hilton experience as the ‘every reason’ for John. Hell, he used it on Leno, when Jay was joking- he used on MSNBC to illiterate a point that had absolutely no tie to the event and he used it to end his acceptance speech- which by the way I felt was dull, poorly prepared, redundant and extremely short on issues or specifics of any kind.
    Americans understand the crisis we face right now as a country and sophomoric photo-shop and silly sarcasm is less than what this difficult time with all our complex issues deserves. Remember Mike, you reap what you sow.

  3. Mike O said

    Scott, how humorous; the same kind of puff-chested outrage the Obama people always put up when confronted with people who actually walk the walk, rather than talk the talk. And now Obama whines like a school-yard loser about the girl who hit back and “She didn’t hit like a girl!”

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