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April 15th Tea Parties; Attend one near you.

Posted by Mike O on April 9, 2009

The only way to force the MSM is break the Obama Propaganda Division role is to have such massive turnouts at things like this that they actually have to report some level of dislike for the fact the Big O and his Congressional henchmen (including a few GOP buffoons) are turning this country into a bankrupt socialistic state that will never let our children and grand-children prosper.

These things are getting huge enough that some of the Left are actually going to show up, a few with disruptive intent or to generate negaticve images.  The goal is to have a peaceful huge gathering to influence this COngress… or more likely, organize to replace the problem members from both parties.



One Response to “April 15th Tea Parties; Attend one near you.”

  1. conservative09 said

    Damn Left, can’t mind their own business, can’t they…

    But we’re supposed to let women have privacy and we gotta stay out of THEIR business and other bullshit when they get an abortion.

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