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The Piracy of Somalia

Posted by Mike O on April 9, 2009

I haven’t been posting much on my home site, spending most of my time at the Political Inquirer.  However, things have gotten quiet enough over there and I am reluctent to post much nonpolitical stuff there, so back here I came.

Looks like the Somalian pirates made the mistake of taking on American merchantmen; guys who have probably seen the movie “United 93′, as well as being fed up with people looking for handouts back home as well as the open seas.  At this point, the captain is held hostage; hopefully things will end well for him and badly for the cowardly thugs.  It’s time some of these pirates have their bullet-riddled bodies sleeping with the fishes.

The only things that could be effective long-term here is:

1) The merchant ships be allowed to arm themselves: four .50 machine guns locked up in a weapons locker and mounted only after they enter international waters would do the trick.  the pirates longest range weapons don’t have a third of the range as a .50 in event moderately competent hands.

2) Blockade of any port practicing piracy.  Nothing goes in or out without being fully inspected.  Let the Somalian government (which is pretty non-existent) howl.  Ships with legitimate business will only be somewhat inconvenienced.

3) Captured pirates be jailed long-term and not in some American-standard facility; Ethiopia would probably take on the task, given their problems with the Solmalian government.


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