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The Somalian Pirates have won… then lost

Posted by Mike O on April 12, 2009

UPDATE 2: The Winner!  Life in American prison, with guaranteed food and people hired to take care of you sure beats his previous squalid life in Somalia. At least, that’s the way he’s looking at it for now And this is the image broadcast to the world and Somalia; does anyone think this will deter, and not encourage, his compatriots?


UPDATE: Three simultaneous head shots while apparently negotiating with one; the lesson in this is, don’t f*ck with Navy SEALS.  Obama approved the use of force twice (but shouldn’t have to in such a circumstance); kudos to Obama for doing so (he gets few enough from me while he bankrupts this nation).  Only if the last pirate is ever returned to Somalia will victroy ever be reclaimed by the thugs.

Those four pirates in the lifeboat won several days ago.  They won when they weren’t either dead or captured within a few short hours after the destroyer showed up.  It doesn’t matter how it all ends up now; the moment the idiots in charge (In Washington, DC, no doubt) called in an FBI negotiator, America ran up the white flag.  These four are now considered heroes by the only people they care about impressing.

AN FBI negotiator…. for Somalian pirates??  The so-called negotiations- especially early on- would have been interesting to listen in on.  These four come out a society that- to this day- watches the movie Black Hawk Down, cheering every American casualty and shrugging off the scores of dead Somalians it took to get that one.  The cultural gap is enormous (as is the endurance for deprivation- far greater than Capt. Phillip’s will likely be.)  These four have held off a U.S. Navy Destroyer for many days.  Their return/funeral/incarceration parade through the streets in Somalia will be massive.

The right thing to do has already passed; sail up close with the destroyer, have the best shot aboard put a .50 cal round through the lifeboat below the waterline and giving them the choice of drowning or surrendering arms and hostage and living.  These are pirates looking for gain, not terrorists looking to die for a cause.  But the cause of fame  (which is a wholly desirable gain) has now assured a much more dangerous situation for not only the one hostage, but all sailors in the region for years to come.

The FBI negotiator is a reflection of the Obama Administration’s desire to treat everything up to terrorism as nothing more that criminal activity by the misguided.  Disaster will result from this approach.  However, the path to disaster in this specific area was set long ago when the decision was made to accept ransoming of these ships as standard operating procedure .

But the final responsibility for what this disaster will be falls on the current administration; they got their proverbial 3am call… and essentially hung up on it.  Even the MSM is beginning to realize the impending debacle in this: suddenly, Bo the White House puppy, has become more important than Capt. Richard Phillips.  The blackout of potentially embarrassing things for Obama continues.


4 Responses to “The Somalian Pirates have won… then lost”

  1. djcnor said

    Sure, sacrifice the captain’s life for the US’s face. That makes sense.

    I always know without turning on the TV (I’m in England) what Fox is talking about. Suddenly there are several blogs all with the same theme. The talking point of the hour has been chosen.

    Of course, what matters is the end. It makes no sense to judge before then. The fact that we have a President who actually considers lives more important than “face” is a good thing.

  2. You’ve got the pirate issue pretty much right. I think Obama eventually left it up to the Navy and it was the Navy that decided to take action. The big question for Obama is now what to do about the pirate coves on the coast. If he does nothing and another attack comes and there is loss of American life, his image will be severely tarnished.

  3. Mike O said

    I must be clairvoyant then, Djcnor, since I don’t watch Fox. And, since face is all this president does seem to care about, you should be grateful that the commanders on the ground stretched his general instructions to the max and saved his face for him by taking 3 lives to save one.

  4. djcnor said

    The news on this side of the Atlantic (BBC, AlJazeera, EuroNews says the Navy asked permission from Obama several times and only got it when the alternative was to let the pirates land, at which point it was thought they might well escape.

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