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Thomas Paine again (he’s a Marine!)

Posted by Mike O on May 21, 2009

(As they say, there are no ex-Marines, no matter how old.)  The Gyrene reference is at the very end.

I do disagree on the formal declaration of war, however.   A declaration of war is problematical in this specific instance. We are not fighting nations; we are fighting an ideology of Islamic extremism that knows no borders and no distinct end date. There will be no VJ day in this one.

I was pleased about a recent Tea Party organizational meeting (July 4th; look for the one near you).  They are adament about staying non-partisan.  However, most of realize the attack point for most of us is the GOP primary system at this point.  But, this is not and will not become a GOP effort, no matter how much that they try to hijack it.  I’ll vote for Martians if they’d bring fiscal sanity back to DC.


2 Responses to “Thomas Paine again (he’s a Marine!)”

  1. I agree a declaration of war would be useless, but I will point out that in the beginning of WWII there was no end in sight either. That being said this massive spending must be stopped and reversed and I would vote for the devil himself if he could do such a thing(just a figure of speech). Republicans need to wakeup and stop chasing the dollars.

    • Mike O said

      The end point of World war II was easily defined early on; the Axis nations needed to be defeated and occupied. Or, at a minimum, a specific small group of leaders killed. In this jihadist war, there is no defined places where occupation will definitively end it; it’s a global extremist group that is fully capable of migrating, and its leadership is less centralized.

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