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Beware the False Prophets

Posted by Mike O on June 16, 2009

Now that the Tea Party movement seems to be an ongoing concern, I and many others are being approached about supporting this candidate or that.  One of the first I was approached about (who shall rename nameless) almost made me laugh.  For he is one of the biggest local examples of the problem within the GOP; fiscally conservative until you get to what big business wants government to do to save them the expense.  Then no billion-dollar bond project is too big if it helps to sustain the corporately unsustainable. Government spending beyond its means- for things government should not be involved in- is a cancer in all levels of government, not just Washington DC.  And you don’t fix the problem by putting the advocates and beneficiaries of that largess into office.

A true fiscal conservitive is just that; in all dealings, especially when their own financial interest is at stake.  And you can rest assured that I will not only withold my support from such false prophets, I will shout their falseness from the rooftops.  No matter how big they are as a politician, or a celebrity.

And then there are those who refuse to allow the movement to move by the natural progression of development mission and identity, then voluntary organization and out-of-pocket dodnation, then working up to the professional components of paid staff and major fund-raising.  You see, fundraising is the big ticket item and those professionals around the periphery of such large spontaneous movements are always in the hurry to get that going so they can gain power, contacts and income.

The Tea Party has not reached the ‘identity’ level to support large efforts, as we are likely to find out soon.  Hopefully, then we’ll get back to mission  development, education,and grass roots neighborhood organizing; modern internet technique makes it possible to advance quite far inexpensively.


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