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I’m a member of the Mob!

Posted by Mike O on August 5, 2009

Gee!  36 years after saying ‘No’  to the Mob (a long story), I find I’ve now joined it!  And for free; back then, it would have paid a minimum of $75K/yr (A bunch of money back then).

Of course, one has to realize something.  In the modern vernacular, this stuff above is a ‘Mob’, the stuff below is ‘Truth to Power’ (just one example of very many):

and this is ‘Debate’:

You got that?  A loud question from the Right (far right, in that singular case) makes you a ‘Mobster’.  Totally disrupting a discussion and taking over the stage as a Leftist makes you a ‘Concerned Citizen’.  I’m glad we all got that straight!

And just for more clarity, here is my branch of the mob being massively disruptive, with a handful of MoveOn members mixed in, getting viscious Mob treatment:

To Congress: we’d like to make you an an offer you can’t refuse. Stop bankrupting this nation and we won’t send you into retirement.


5 Responses to “I’m a member of the Mob!”

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  3. Ken Whiteman said

    Quote> We’re all members of the Mob! (Italian restaurant meetings from now on!)

    I think this line is funny, and should not be taken too seriously. However, the left is so short on ammo, I would expect them to use anything they can scrounge up. I say let’s not make it easier for them. And after all we wouldn’t want to anger the Italian sector of the population, would we?
    We must always be right.

    • Mike O said

      I considered that; of course, they might. But they’ve already hooked onto that saying we support the 2nd Amendment was considered a murder threat. I’ve given up trying to pacify the absolutely humorless fanatics on the other side.

  4. Long live the “mob”!

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