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Tale of 2 Signs

Posted by Mike O on October 15, 2009

For all of you liberals googling the net for pictures of misspelling of Tea Party signs that you’re seeking- out of hundreds of thousands of handmade signs that have appeared at rallies;  You seem seem pretty desperate to find them to inflate your  elitist sense of superiority and to substitute for a real life.  What you are looking for isn’t here; just an example of the left’s inability to spell, even when using a professional sign shop.

This picture at the protest and counter-protest at Sen. Cornyn’s Dallas office Oct. 14th speaks volumes.


One sign hand-assembled from a printer’s output, the other professionally printed at significant expense with the proud MoveOn.org logo in the bottom right corner… and MISSPELLED! It’s “Whose Side are you on?”, Dolt!

After an English teacher in the Tea Party group (far larger; 80-28) pointed it out for them, another pro-Private Care supporter said’ “An example of government-run education.”  When the English teacher was asked if she was offended by that statement, she said “Goodness, no!  I teach in private schools!”

Maybe the ‘Obamanation’ sign was referring to the English mutilation by Obama supporters.

Oh, there are plenty of the signs made with marker and posterboard that the Tea Parties wave with misspellings and bad grammar; and you’ll find both offenses on this blog.  But all that does is diminish the individuals involved; that printshop  sign reflects directly on a multi-million dollar operation.  And that is amusing.

(BTW: Whose side is Cornyn on in terms of  health care?  He’s on my son’s side!)

They also tried some street theater of wit, but only got halfway there.  The MoveOn minions put on a street play with four dressed up as filthy rich Insurers protesting against Government Health Care.  Problem is, when they mingling in with all the VERY middle class jeans and working slacks or REAL opponents of Government Health Care, it was only laughable.  One of the Tea Partiers recognized the blond as someone who was arrested for deliberately spitting on a 9-12 rally participant in Ft. Worth.


The Patriot on the left has history of serving his country honorably; the Bad Actor on the right spits on such if she disagrees with them.  Any questions?

If your going to imitate your opposition, learn to do it right, like Chuck does here (another vet of honorable service):


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