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Missed Opportunity

Posted by Mike O on October 17, 2009

service_signWent down to College Station to ‘welcome’ Obama to Texas (2 days after leading a successful counter-protest against MoveOn) and ended being interviewed for the local station in Dallas and made it in the cut.  I did OK, but considering the way they assembled the story, I missed an opportunity.  I went down with two signs specific to the day and had them folded up beside me for the interview; I should have talked about them:

The first is based on my Africa experience (and I SO need to get back; next year, when my girl graduates from college):

The second is related to that: unkept political promises are one thing; personal ones are more serious:

commitment_signThe guy just won an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize; the least he could do is use a little of it to honor the personal commitment he made while in Africa.  If he were to do so, I’d send a letter of appreciation to the man (even while disagreeing with the politician’s policies).

Also participated in a soap box session; did so-so (though the crowd thought well enough of me that I finished 2nd out of 4):


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