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My Answer to the NRC

Posted by Mike O on October 26, 2009

not_one_dimeWhen the National Republican Committee keeps spending money on liberals in GOP clothing like Scozzafava (and incompetent ones at that) , they need to be delivered a message.  Here was mine (Hoffman being the actual Conservative non-politician running against Scozzafave in NY-23).

The Republican Party continues to surrender principle for compromise, a strategy that continues to be a losing one.  It is no wonder that 73% of Republican voters say te leadership does not represent them.  That leadership needs to be replaced with solid conservatives who understand that becoming the Democrats Lite will never be a winning strategy against the real thing.  And only works to roll our country that much fasther toward the fiscal cliff.

As long as the GOP gives active support to liberals in the Party, and their members continue to vote for just slightly smaller paths to national bankruptcy, and support corrupt practices such as massive earmark usage, they will not see a single dime from me.  And the days of pulling single-party levers are long over.  This from someone who was once a GOP County Chairman.

I am an independent conservative and proud that my principles matter.  Consisider me a Rogue; I have better company there.  The NRC keep sending this mail to me and I’ll start adding a pound or so of iron plate to the envelope, so they can pay return postage on that as well.


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