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Counter MoveOn non-pledge Pledges!

Posted by Mike O on November 3, 2009

MoveOn, trying to intimidate the Blue Dog Democrats, asked their members to pledge money for campaigns to keep them in line:

But the vote never happens—because one Democratic senator joins Republicans to filibuster and block a vote. 2009 becomes just another year when health care reform failed.

If someone decided to take on that senator in the Democratic primary afterwards, would you chip in to help the challenger? I know I would.

Here’s the thing: If thousands of us make it clear we’d do the same, and Democratic senators know it, we might just be able to keep this nightmare scenario from ever coming to pass.

That’s why, today, we’re launching the Health Care Accountability Pledge. Everyone says how much they’d contribute, we publicize the amount, and anyone thinking of running a primary challenge against a Democrat who blocks a vote on health care reform knows how much support they’d have right off the bat. You don’t have to enter your credit card info. Just click on an amount below to pledge:

Problem is: these ‘pledges’ required no credit card information and nothing but a MoveOn login to ‘commit’ to.  So, in the spirit of that, I ask people to ‘pledge’ their support for Blue Dogs who vote to protect their constituents from government takeover of Health Care.  Will you help out?  Click your pledge below!

Come on, people; dig deep in that fictional pocket!  It’s just as real as the available money currently available to fund the government takeover of Health Care (and a whole lot less damaging to future generations!)


3 Responses to “Counter MoveOn non-pledge Pledges!”

  1. Enrique Carbonero said

    You conservatives have such low standards! I was wanting to pledge $1.3 Trillion. Now I’ll have to repeat the process many times. Unless you can put me down for it here… Hey, my credit is excellent: it’s backed by the bailed-out banks; it’s backed by the Gument!

  2. S. Weasel said

    I’m in for $250K. Sorry — kind of strapped at the moment. I’ve been unemployed for a year.

  3. I’m working two jobs so I can pay enough taxes for some unwed illegal alien’s kids can get free meds and ESL classes, or I’d have thrown in more.

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