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Why am I Doing This?

Posted by Mike O on November 15, 2009

As I sit here resting my tired feet from completing a door-to-door full precinct walk for a challenger to a RINO incumbent, I decided to put together a bit of a summary of what I’ve been doing for the last few months.  Now I understand why I’m a bit tired:


Add to this two training sessions, probably 20 meetings, 3 candidate vettings, 2 candidate forums, maintenance of the northtexasteaparty site (including many hours mashing up much of the video and all of the pictures involved) and dealing with an average of 40 emails and a half-dozen phone calls a day.

Why am I doing this, though?  I’m not running for anything (and had to assure a few nervous politicians about that) and political clout doesn’t interest me.  I’m not an up and comer worried about the advancement of my career.

I got a reminder of the ‘Why’ at this last rally by the people in the picture on the right.  It’s always been about my son on the left, but- away at college- I rarely get a visual reminder from him.  Not that he’s not constantly in my mind, especially with his medical issues, but visualization is always helpful.  This young family showed up at a recent rally- with this adorable little girl- and reminded me  (and a few other older, crusty types) what this is all about.  So I’d like to thank Julie McCarty for bringing her family out to rally with us.  We are fighting for your generations, not ours.


In all of these rallies, I have noted a number of things about the liberal side of the aisle.  Primarily what they are lacking within their group.  It really makes an enlightening list:

  • Spontaneity: The vast majority of their signage is professionally produced and- even those that aren’t- are generally handed out and collected back up again by their paid leadership.  Ours are 95+% handmade and individually handled.  And our groups have no paid leadership.
  • Families: I have yet to see any younger kids (outside the college-aged).  Even couples are rare in their rallies.
  • ‘Producer’ aged participants: that being between 30 and 60.  Most of the Left shows up younger than 30, with a handful of retirees.  Our average age is older, probably 50, but still with a more diverse age group.
  • Veterans: probably a third of our participants are veterans, primarily older ones.
  • Patriotic/National symbols of flags of any kind: Our efforts nearly always have American and Gadsten flags on prominent display.  We recognize and honor those symbols of the rights granted to us in this country; rights lacking in so many other places.
  • Humor:  Our crew has a great time at these events; other than one young MoveOn ‘manager’ and a Reverend from the Peace Center, the rest of their troops are a rather dour lot.  I thought we were supposed to be an ‘angry mob’.; someone needs to tell Chuck Smith, an ex-Army Ranger below:



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