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Sarah, Seconds and Seals, Oh My!

Posted by Mike O on December 5, 2009

Still massively busy on political shenanigans.  Candidate vetting and discussions, rallies, etc.  Set up to rally at Sarah Palin’s book signing on a sub-freezing day.  Went very early to see how many were braving the cold and found Sarah actually there greeting the early people.

A full report here on our Tea Party site.  I also expended three seconds of 15 minutes. .. Looking like an aging hippie with my now full beard and Transistion lensed glasses on; from 1:05 to 1:09.


The cold weather was a combination of Sarah’s visit and the Gore effect being required to freeze out another Global Warming event, this one in Austin.

Then I run into a reminder of this.  The discussion is out there that this case is direct retribution for the SEALs actually taking out those three pirates in Somalia!  The Administration had wanted to show their diplomatic prowess.  I didn’t think anything could make this more disgusting, but that would.


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