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Merry Christmas & thoughts for years end

Posted by Mike O on December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!  If a ‘spiritual secularist’ that hasn’t attended church more than a dozen times in 30 years may wish it.

The first White Christmas in Texas for 80 years.  I credit the leftover Gore effect from the Copenhagen Global Warming debacle:

It’s been a crazy year, especially with all the political activity of the second half.  I though I’d left it all behind, but the need for it now is greatest; especially by those of us in it for philosophical and not personal reasons.

And the reactions of many of the political ‘regulars’ is the most interesting aspect; it really seems they don’t know how to deal with such people. I’m supposedly a mean, angry, racist type; anything to paint those of us in this for non-eprsonal gain as some sort- any sort- of zealot.  Possibly that is how they identify ‘extremists’ from ‘moderates’.  A ‘moderate’ is one whose political position is ONLY based on their personal benefit, not what they perceive as right or wrong.    believing in a philosophical underpinning of political involvement makes the moderate elitists extremely nervous.

There have been warnings issued about not talking about the power structures and the ‘slates’ forming up for the grand battle royale forming up locally.  Warnings that these powerful elites have long memories and such discussions will make them very angry.  These warnings are based on the fact that these people cannot imagine people being politically active without personal political ambition at any but the lowest level.    Are they in for a surprise.

They will in the end try to paint those of us in this effort as various forms of nefarious zealots.  But if fighting for fiscal sanity in government is extremism, then a whole bunch of people will be willing to accept the label.


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